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We are Lucky and Cris- Indian and German Spirit comes together :) 


A vision to bring travelling, nature, spiritualism, vegan food and craft together is the main purpose of our Instagram Page Mangalmay- where this homepage is related to. With Mangalmay we want to make a difference in showing how to use our mother earth and our inner strength to create a healthy, colorful and happy life. 


The homepage has mainly the function of a blog/podcast with spiritual stories, as well as a deeper insight to all the recipes and art&craft you saw on Instagram already.  

Stories to tell

People with moving stories, spirituality in different forms, travelling, connection with our mother earth, health care and adventures- our blog will tell you all about. But it is not just written down. You will find blog posts, podcasts, interviews, or even poems sometimes.  


With our stories we want to move things and help people to be brave and see situations from different angles, from the angle of love and harmony. 

The creative part

Nature gives us most of the resources to create beautiful art, delightful food and a healthy body system.

Already presented at our Instagram Page Mangalmay, this homepage will give you a deeper look how all the creations has been done and what exactly you need for it.